How to make a lasting impression with your style?

“Style is way of saying who you are without having to speak.’’ The way you dress up is the first thing people see before your personality and you have one shot to make a first and lasting impression. This begins with your style! The way you dress up reflects your personality. When you enter in any party or at your work place for the very first time, your outfit speaks before you.

It’s not just a cliché when they say look good and feel good! Various studies highlight that how we dress not only influences what others think of us but also how we think about ourselves. When you are confident about what you’re wearing, there is measurable improvement in your mental and emotional state. It is known as “enclothed cognition” which explains how what we wear can affect our behaviour, attitudes, emotions, and interactions. All these have a great impact on how others perceive you. So upgrading your style matters.

Below are some ways how to dress for a lasting impression in different situations:


  1. At a job interview

Opting for a nicely-fitted suit is one of the best options for a job interview. A suit projects professionalism and suggests that you know your stuff, even before you start talking. Even if you stumble on a question or two, a polished look may buy you some benefit-of-the-doubt from your interviewer. 

  1. For your first day at a new job

Keep in mind that your first-day-of-work outfit is one that makes you look confident, comfortable, and focused. Normally, the first day on the job involves a lot of walking around, meeting new people, and setting-up of your workspace. The key is to wear shoes you can walk comfortably in, fabric that doesn't scratch or snag, and a top that allows you to have a range of motion. Lastly, make sure your first-day-of-work clothes fit you well while adding extra flair to your style. 

  1. On a first date

The key to dressing up for a date is to ensure that you’re yourself and not to go overboard just to impress your date. Of course, opting for a tailored suit or a glamorous bodycon dress is highly appealing, but only if that's your typical style. The best impression you can make on your date is not to fake it and stay genuine. The best way to make sure you're doing that is to grab a selection of your favourite outfits first and then choose one appropriate to your date venue from there.

  1. As a public speaker

The first thing to take into consideration when delivering a speech is who is the audience. The basic rule is to aim to be the best-dressed person in the room. This usually means either a suit or a pants-and-sportcoat combo, tie optional for men. For women, anything from a pantsuit to a dress to a nicely-fitted tee and dress pants may be appropriate. Your style needs to reflect your personality!

Colours play an important role. For instance - solid colors are best for projecting authority; avoid cute prints or distracting accessories. And if you choose to wear a skirt, pay attention to your hemline, especially if you’re standing above the crowd as they may get quite a view if your skirt is on your knees or above.

  1. Dinner with your in-laws for the first time

Meeting your in-laws for the first time can be nerve-racking as you would want to create the best impression. It can be tempting to dress up as how they would want you be to be. Similar to the first-date-wear, it's better to choose an outfit appropriate for this situation but still gives some sense of who you are, especially if they're going to find out anyway when you become part of the family. It is better to opt for a modest and classy outfit. Besides, it is likely that your future in-laws will compliment you on whatever you wear, so you might want to consider cuff links (for guys) or a piece of jewellery (for girls) with a little family history, if you have one. This will give you something to talk about if the conversation is slow to start. 


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